Deliver the message straight from the heart.

Keynote Speaker

Ian is an excellent Keynote Speaker who delivers his message straight from the heart.

Bringing his wealth of experience to every group he speaks with. He is able to call on over 30 years of experience at both the “Corporate” sharp end and has the experience of launching his own businesses.

At the age of 17, he decided to attend as many presentations as humanly possible and has been trained by some of the most successful speakers, including the great Les Brown.

Ian’s number one goal is to give everyone in the audience the tools that they can take away and use to help them develop a clear vision towards their individual dreams.

Before Ian delivers his presentations, he will fully investigate the aspirations of the company, and the candidates, to discover what they think they can achieve by inviting him as a key note speaker. 

He has delivered his training in all parts of the Globe, to both small and large audiences.

Some of the most requested and popular topics are built around ideas from phrases that include :-


  • Don’t be average as “Average is the worst of the best”, and “the best of the worst”
  • Don’t think outside the box, get rid of the box
  • Connecting with God in a business environment.
  • You have one bag of energy, use it wisely.


Ian delivers power packed, very animated presentations, using his stories to give participants a clear understanding of the message. In addition he brings energy, passion, motivation and belief. But above all else he brings his heart.

After leaving school he was told not to aim too high! This started the fire within, he has never looked back, and today he has helped thousands of people who have been told that they will not be high achievers, leaving them with the belief that they will never be able to transform their lives.

In personal and business life there are always bumps in the road, there is always the sinking crowd. There are many who would see you fail, so that you can join their misery club!

“It’s time to rise and grow.”

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Ian’s ability to deliver outstanding results for his clients starts with understanding their goals and requirements.

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