A trusted and experienced adviser who will provide guidance and leadership.


What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a trusted and experienced adviser who will provide guidance and leadership. 

Providing motivational and emotional support is a key part of this. 

But why have a mentor? –  Because a mentor will be able to guide you around the obstacles you are facing, whether it is a business or a personal Journey.

When choosing a mentor, ensure they have “walked the walk”.  You really need someone who has wide experience, someone who will provide a vision for what you can achieve.

A good analogy is to imagine cycling up a steep hill and, as you pedal, the chain keeps slipping, making it a real struggle. A mentor will tighten the chain, oil the gears and choose the appropriate gear to get you moving in the right direction, onward and upwards!

Ian has years of experience in helping people achieve their goals, in all walks of life, his positive  attitude is to answer, “Yes you can”,  to the difficult questions, and he will provide a plan for you to achieve those goals. Over the past 20 years Ian has mentored many people from all works of life, helping to solve both personal and business problems.   He really is a hands-on coach and will never ask you to do something he has not already done, nor will he ask you to do anything that he would not do himself.

Ian's Thoughts

“Primarily, I believe that to be a successful mentor you need to have a sincere attitude of really wanting to help people. I have found that one of the largest obstacles our clients have to overcome is the years of negative mental programming they have experienced. From an early age, as children, we were told, “No, don’t do that” and “stop doing that”, so often the seed of negative thought is sewn!  

I like to start with ”Yes, you can do this, let’s find the best way to achieve it”.

The first thing we have to remove is “the box”! In modern times we have been mentally conditioned to think “outside of the box”. My question is always, “Why are you even in the box?”

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