Some information about Ian

Ian Harvey has well developed business acumen, a keen eye and good insight. He is commercially very aware and has the enviable ability to make sound decisions under extreme pressure.

He is naturally positive and enthusiastic, with an “achievement driven” disposition. Mixed with his excellent communication, negotiation and presentation skills, you have someone with the ability to lead, train, motivate and organise others effectively. He will always show unquestionable determination, commitment and tenacity and has a strong desire to succeed.

He will always ‘rise to a challenge’!

Keynote Speaker

Delivering important speech's at events.


A highly experienced and trusted adviser.


Ian's Biography

Ian comes from a large family, being one of six children. His loving parents struggled to keep afloat, and with six hungry mouths, and themselves, to feed, they were always working long hours.

At a very young age, during his early teens, Ian made the decision to seek out a different lifestyle for himself and his own “future” family.

It was never easy growing up! At the age of three he was diagnosed with acute psoriasis, a very visual autoimmune disease that was very difficult to understand as a child. During those early years, as the psoriasis took hold, he missed a lot of school. The psoriasis covered most of his body, and other children, in their innocence, were starting to make comments that were mentally difficult to deal with. Despite this condition, and particularly during his time at secondary school, he learned to deal with the negative comments and began to focus on a vision for his future.

Leaving school with average grades, and needing to earn a living, he missed out on  higher education. He decided to start his own business and, using just his 50cc motorcycle, he would rise at 5am, drive to the markets to buy wholesale items, and then sell them on to grateful customers for a sensible profit. Within two years he had built a very successful business with a large turnover. Perhaps more importantly he was employing several other people.

However, at this point, he realised that in order to achieve his ambitions, he would have to back up his successful business experience with some formal educational qualifications.  He decided to sell his business in order to enable him to study “Marketing, Re-engineering and Business Management.”

He quickly realised that having a sincere, and knowledgeable mentor on board, he could quickly learn the skills needed to achieve his goal. Within 12 months he had once again established his own business with a turnover of more than £1 million!

He then decided to establish a “Networking Marketing” business, and within three years his turnover was over $3 million.

He entered the “UK National Sales Awards”, along with thousands of other candidates, and became the “National Runner Up”.

Over the last 20 years, Ian has been a consultant for many companies, organising a large range of assignments, including:

  • The launching of new product ranges
  • Strategic planning with Directors
  • Writing and delivering various training programs, on many subjects including Leadership, Goal Setting and Time Management.
  • Working with the Directors of failing businesses, and helping to turn those businesses into profitable organisations.
  • Travelling, extensively, to help companies transform their businesses. Countries include Japan, USA and South Africa, as well as many countries within Europe

In addition to his corporate assignments, he has developed training programs for individuals and is currently mentoring many people. He offers free zoom and webinars for people who wish to transform their lives.

Ian has a wealth of experience and is ready to share with you.

Ian is an established leader in the Direct Sales/ MLM industry with a proven track record.

Through hard work he successfully makes every company that he works for a household name locally in the UK and Europe.

He is a great motivator who helps increase sales volume and recruiting by implementing company programs.


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