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  • This is a generic training
  • You won’t be asked to join a new network


Ian has over 35 years of experience helping thousands of people remove the barriers to their success and you too can now share his expertise. Over the years he has built several MLM businesses and has worked with some of the largest companies as an adviser. He has developed several bespoke training programs exclusive to individual companies.

Joining this course will totally transform your business. Ian believes there is no substitute for practical experience and he will never ask you to do something he has never done himself.

He knows how lonely it can be when you are trying to build a business, particularly when the chips are down and the feedback starts. Over the years he has heard all the reasons why it doesn’t work and he is very aware that most of the people who are making negative comments have probably never even attempted to go out into the field to try it for themselves.


Have you ever heard comments like – 

  • Get yourself a proper job!
  • Those things never work!
  • You will not make any money doing that!
  • You will never get referrals!
  • No one is interested in that type of business!


During the course of eight weeks Ian will dispel all those myths and will demonstrate, with his proven methods, how you can start your journey to success.

You will be guided towards a complete transformation of how you think, how to build team spirit, how to develop leaders, how to achieve high retention while ensuring that team members receive a cheque during their first month! 

Ian will keep you highly motivated and learn you new skills including how to obtain strong referrals.


Why join this program?

Many people offer similar courses!  However, there are very few course leaders who have been out there at the sharp end, gaining lifestyle experiences. Practical experience is Ian’s strength. It is relatively easy to write a book, but there is no substitute for hands-on experience.

Ian’s down to earth approach helps people from all walks of life to understand that the means to success is at their fingertips.

Having left school with limited academic qualifications and being told that he wouldn’t make anything of his life, Ian has spent the last 35 years developing many businesses, all with huge success stories.


It is now your time, what can you expect? Ian’s course will be delivered in a very clear way.

  • 30 minutes initial consultation
  • 4 x once weekly Zoom Training sessions
  • Access to Ian and his team, via the WhatsApp group dedicated to this course.


You will be able to book a 15 minute consultation anytime during the eight weeks if you feel that you need a little extra help understanding any part of the training.

You will also be shown how to construct a life plan around your goals, and how to correctly write and use affirmations.


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