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This program is Goal setting with a difference.

When you join the program you will first have a 1-1 zoom meeting with Ian who will help you to put your plan together.

All aspects will be discussed including your “big goal”, the one that may scare you most! At this time you will also be given the best advice on how to use affirmations and how to get rid of that voice of doubt in your head.

You’ll be invited to join six months worth of group zoom meetings, one each week for six months. During these meetings you will meet others who are going for their big goal. You will be able to share great ideas and feel the support of people with the same positivity as yourselves.

This program is for people who want to win big in 2024.

These sessions are going to be very energised, Ian will share with you his 30 years’ experience of goal achievement.

If you want to win big, you need to register as soon as possible. Be prepared to have the best year’s achievement of your life.


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