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Tarnya Coley

Set Goals & Take Action

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Producer, Speaker, Teacher, Entrepreneur

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Eric Vill

Chairman of Reliv Europe Ltd

If anyone knows and understands the value of personal development, it is Ian Harvey. I have known Ian for over 35 years, initially as a working colleague, but over time our relationship grew into a strong friendship for us and our families.

From when I first met him, Ian exhibited an unquenchable thirst to develop himself so that he could progress as a business man and provide a better lifestyle for his family. This he has achieved, helping many others along the way.

Ian takes action on the knowledge he consumes and that is why he understands and knows the true value of personal development as he is a living example and I’m proud to call him my friend.

Sabine Schalkwijk

The Netherlands

Ian Harvey, with his years and years of experience in the Network marketing field, helped me to understand better the market, my role and my growth plan. His advice about what to work on to be more successful was invaluable.

He reads people and businesses very well and always seems to know exactly where the help is needed. That is a big asset, it enabled me to make fast steps. He gave me big insights! 

As a person he is smart, humble, is a good listener and has a sharp vision. And last, but not least, he has a great humor and makes it all fun.

 I loved working with Ian as my mentor, he breathes energy, enthusiasm, belief and a 

“can do” attitude. I am really grateful for everything he has taught me. His saying, 

“Don’t think outside the box, get rid of it”, makes me think different every day. 

I highly recommend Ian to support you in your next business or personal steps. It can change your life. It changed mine.

John W Price

President, Price Associates

I highly recommend Ian because of his significant contributions to our organization. It has been a distinct pleasure knowing he has been our Team, contributing to our overall successes.

Andy Goodwin

Chief Sales, Marketing Officer and Co-Owner

Ian Harvey is a can do guy, nothing fazes him, nothing will stand in his way, a relentless success seeker, he is someone I have had the pleasure of working on my team in 2 different companies and should the chance ever arise again, I would have him back in a heartbeat.

Gotta Love Ian Harvey!

Jan Wortman

The Netherlands

I have been coached and trained by Ian Harvey for the last 5 years. 

I have my own coaching practice that has been in operation for more than ten years. As a coach I must always strive to improve, move with the times, keep learning and passing on new skills, it is my life long vision. 

But I also feel that it is necessary to be coached as well, and to that end I teamed up with Ian.  

Ian is a person who leads by example. His experience is amazing, he walked the talk! When Ian and I started to work together my mindset developed very quickly, the business developed shortly afterwards. 

Ian showed me proven ways in order to succeed, proven ways that led to a better business and better life. I learnt from Ian that there is no such thing as “Out of the Box” because there is “No Box at all”. 

We all sometimes have limited beliefs. Limited beliefs keep us at the place where we are now in our life, if you want to change that and move forward,  then you must change your mindset. Ian is fully committed towards your goals and is a true partner in your business, he is a goal getter when it comes to mindset and business. I value so much Ian’s coaching and the progress I have made is excellent.

Thank you Ian!

Linda Crawford

Bioresonance /Biofeedback Practitioner, Master NLP practitioner, Psychotherapist, Homeopath, Health Coach.

I have worked three times with Ian in the past very successfully. He coached me to success on each occasion.  Ian’s knowledge is astounding and his patience is endless. I will always choose him as my coach as I know and trust him.

His ability to coach and inspire you to success is astonishing. He is unstoppable, and whatever he undertakes to do for you, he carries out his promises.

There are many people out there, purporting to be coaches, who have little or no track record of actually helping you to achieve your objectives. Ian has a proven track record and will definitely help you to achieve your dreams of reaching your potential and beyond.

Ian is a “no limits” person and has been coaching in the field for the past 25 years.   His proven track record speaks for itself.

I am so pleased to have worked with him and always will in the future. His training, particularly concerning getting rid of the box, transformed my business and my personal life.

Aaron Gryder

I had a 30 minute consultation with Ian Harvey yesterday. I received so much valuable information in a short amount of time. It was our first conversation, but Ian was able to make a few suggestions that were on point and specific to my needs.

His many years of experience was obvious. Within just a few minutes, I knew I would be making an investment in myself, and joining his programs.

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